Jeffrey Thorpe

Jeff Thorpe owner of Thorpe Development West/Mid West, has been working for over 20 years in the commercial construction and commercial construction management. During that time he’s been involved with approximately 300 projects ranging from simple restaurant TI’s and remodels to extensive commercial and restaurant ground ups. In addition, Mr. Thorpe has served as Vice President of several large Southern California Construction Companies. Throughout his career he has built for every imaginable restaurant concept as Projects Manager, Joint Venture, and or Prime Contractor.

He brings with him years of solid and hands-on approach to everyday challenges and opportunities of the construction business, not to mention his ability to be creative and steadfast on moving the projects moving along cost-efficiently and smoothly to completion.

Cynthia Thorpe
VP of Operations

Fawn Charles
Project Coordinator

Cornelious George
Construction Supervisor

John Frausto
Office Assistant/IT

James Lee Martin
Construction Supervisor

Genevia Hughes
Payroll Specialist

Ray Walters
Labor Foreman

Leonel Catalan
CAD Designer

Dan Maryman
Kitchen Equipment Specialist
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Dave Fluker
CAD Designer

Billie Clark
Construction Supervisor