Thorpe Development West is a dynamic General Building Contractor & Construction management/Consulting company. We are a dedicated and committed team of industry experts collaborating to build, develop and manage commercial, government and public works projects. We have set high company standards and cutting-edge service benchmarks. We seek out and forge long term partnerships with top industry talent – providing a full-service development experience to our clients. We honor our strong commitment to project development excellence in always exceeding our clients expectations. We strive to stay ahead of the competition by providing the best talent the industry has to o!er. We are a licensed, insured and bonded company based in California with supporting offices in Georgia, Illinois and Ohio. We are also currently named in a 10yr master Ordering Agreement with the FAA eFast. In addition, we are SBA 8a SDB participants, as well as holding certifications as DBE, and MBE with the city of Los Angeles, state of California and the federal government.

We have the ability to execute a broad range of maintenance, repair and construction of real property. For example: carpentry, excavation, interior renovation, exterior renovation, electrical, plumbing, painting, paving, roofing, demolition, masonry, and HVAC. All from an on-the-shelf design, or a design provided by in-house or subcontract designers. This also includes in-house design/build ranging from concept up to 100% level of effort. Additional examples are in-house Architectural and Engineering (Up to 100%) design capability or ready access to design capability. We also provide professional consulting services which includes, architectural design, architectural drawing, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering. Our Consulting Service also includes: project management, supervision, professional scheduling, Inspection Services and IT consulting in several areas.

  • “I am the pastor of victory outreach ministry church in eagle rock, ca. where my congregation and I undertook the rebuilding of our church facility. This letter is meant not only to congratulate Mr. Thorpe but to also recommend him to any other perspective clients. I would first like to point out that this project was in no way the normal construction project. Within our church there are several pastors that have construction abilities, which we insisted on Mr. Thorpe working with on this project. Also our budget was extremely tight which left very little room for overrun incidence. In the end neither of these obstacles hindered Mr. Thorpe from the outstanding job that he did. Secondly, I would like to explain that this project required that two buildings that stood back to back be joined together. The creativity that was necessary to insert the very large steel post and beams, after Suring up the roofs of both buildings and demolishing the back walls of both buildings, was absolutely incredible. Mr. Thorpe diligently combined his skill and experience with the craftsmanship of his sub‐contractors, along with the ability of several of our own pastors and congregation members, ultimately forming a team that worked. I also feel that Mr. Thorpe along with his associates went far beyond their required duties as the general contractor, to make this project an absolute success for our Victory Outreach family. Again we enthusiastically thank and recommend him as a general contractor. If you are considering Mr. Thorpe as your Contractor and you have the need to contact me directly for a personal reference. I can be contacted directly in my church office in Eagle Rock, California”

    Pastor Augei Barajas
  • “I am writing this testimonial to convey my utmost appreciation for Jeff Thorpe and the work that he performed during the construction of my restaurant in Tustin, California. I had purchased a 25 year old 7000 S.F. bakery restaurant that was to be converted into my new concept. I needed to find the best suited General Contractor that had extensive and strong restaurant background, considering my concept was one that was new and needed meticulous care to details. Mr. Thorpe came highly recommended to me at a time that was most time-sensitive to me. As he took on the job, he immediately uncovered many flaws in the architectural plans that could’ve easily delayed the project on several different occasions. Throughout the tedious and challenging day-to-day decision making on building my kitchen Mr. Thorpe showed professionalism, patience, resourcefulness and above all – outstanding flexibility as new decisions were made and some old ones adjusted. I recommend Jeff Thorpe to anyone considering building a restaurant, particularly new concepts that require special care and great understanding regarding operations of the business.”

    Chris Spence, Owner, Fire Dance Grill 949.302.4550
  • “After building more than 6 laundromats for PWS Mr. Thorpe has completed his most recent job in such a way that it is worthy of this special acknowledgement. I would like to personally congratulate Mr. Thorpe for his Record 10-week completion of the Pico Rivera location. Not only was this a major TI, with substantial utility and public works, it also was acknowledged as one of the cleanest construction projects seen in our experience. Mr. Thorpe has proven himself in being one of our prime contractors in our Arsenal of highly skilled contractors.”

    Tony Fuller, Construction Manager, PWS Laundry; 310.877.1235
  • “If considering Mr. Thorpe and his construction company for a commercial construction project, I am writing this letter to convey that Thorpe Development West is the most outstanding and able construction company I have ever worked with. Mr. Thorpe did the Blue Prints, all the Permitting process and the actual construction for my 2500 sq ft. Domino’s Pizza TI in the city of Carson in 35 days including the plan check. Mr. Thorpe drew and submitted my Blue Prints to the city of Carson within 10 days of executing his contract with me. We paid for the Expedited Plan Check and there were very few corrections to the plans needed. However, the most incredible detail is that after the permits were granted Mr. Thorpe obtained all the Inspections all the way to the final Inspection within 14 days. Although Jeff Thorpe has built several stores for me, this one certainly stands out far above the rest.”

    Rob Scheiper, President, MAR Pizza, Inc., dba Domino’s Pizza; 310.261.6580

Our Mission

Thorpe Development is more than a construction company, we are, at our core, a passionate, committed team of professional experts collaborating to build and develop commercial properties. Thorpe Development operates under the innovative direction and vision of President and industry veteran, Jeffery Thorpe. Having been in the commercial construction business for over 20 years, and with company operations in three different states and growing every year.